Igor Lashkov

Igor Lashkov

Researcher at SPC RAS

My research focuses on human-centered applications of knowledge management, context modeling, recommendation systems, data analysis, especially in intelligent transportation domain.

Some projects I've worked on.

Drive Safely

Drive Safely Assistant for Android and JVM provides actionable information to a driver how to prevent a road accident. It recognizes driver’s drowsiness, distraction, belt presence, phone usage, eating, smoking, and camera sabotage.

2016–Present Java Kotlin C++ OpenCV TensorFlow


Profile TensorFlow Lite model and measure its performance using FPS, model initialization time, inference time, and memory consumption on the smartphone. You can tweak model runs with different delegates (CPU, GPU, NNAPI, HEXAGON), XNNPACK option, number of threads.

2020-Present Kotlin Java TensorFlow

Eye State classification

The developed neural model solves an image classification task that predicts whether the human's eye is opened or closed using transfer learning technique.

2020-Present Python Jupyter Notebook TensorFlow